Please note that your privacy has the utmost importance for us, and we do all we can to comply with data privacy laws and regulations. The specific practices listed here apply to the privacy procedures maintained by us.

What type of data do we collect?

We collect personal and non-personal information from you. While personal information, including your financial information, is used by us to process your purchases from our website, your non-personal information is used to enhance the user experience of our website.

Do we disclose your information?

We do not disclose your private information to anyone unless otherwise enforced by the laws of the United States of America. Please note that we are also subject to enforcement and investigatory powers of the Federal Trade Commission of the U.S.A.

Our skill in handling your information

All of our employees who process your data are skilled and well-trained in accordance with the privacy regulations.

Under 18 Policy

In accordance with the trade laws of the U.S.A, we do not deal with the users under the age of 18. Hence, we do not knowingly collect the user data of underage visitors to our site.

Privacy rights of California residents

California residents, under shine the light law, have a special privilege of requesting certain information that has been collected by us. However, it doesn’t imply to the complete information that has been obtained.

While we do our best to protect your information, it is always your responsibility to use the internet in a secure environment. We can not be held responsible for any data irregulation and breach. Questions? Please write to us at info@cabletvinternetphone.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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